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All of our instructors at Bulldog Tactical Group have at least thirteen years of Law Enforcement experience and are certified Law Enforcement firearms instructors. Most have numerous trainer certifications and vast experience garnered over many years. We are confident that our instructors will be able to provide you with all of the training you need to become more comfortable and proficient with your firearm.

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    Court Testimonials

John Helms

John is a Sheriff’s Office Lieutenant and started his Law Enforcement career in 1991. He has served as a Patrol Deputy, Neighborhood Policing Deputy, Gang Suppression Unit Investigator, Intelligence Unit Investigator, FBI Joint Terrorist Task Force Agent, Patrol Sergeant, Intelligence Unit Sergeant, Fugitive Apprehension Unit Sergeant, Watch Commander, Training Division Lieutenant, armorer, firearms instructor and Rangemaster. John serves as the coordinator for the Sheriff’s Office Tactical Rifle Operator program and coached the Youth Deputy Pistol Team which won a national championship in 2004.

John became a State of Florida C.J.S.T.C. Certified Firearms Instructor in 1994 and is on staff as an adjunct instructor at Valencia Community College and Seminole State College of Florida where he instructs basic, advanced, and tactical law enforcement classes.

John is a staff instructor for the NRA Law Enforcement Activities Division where he teaches instructor level firearms schools for Law Enforcement and the Military. Some of John’s additional certifications are: CMS Firearms Instructor, Instructor techniques, Shotgun Instructor, NRA Law Enforcement firearms instructor, PPE Instructor, Radiological pager instructor, OC chemical spray instructor, RIPP restraints instructor, Simunitions Instructor, Sig-Sauer Rangemaster School, Knife Defense Instructor, Sig-Sauer armorer, Remington armorer, Smith and Wesson armorer, Colt armorer, Glock armorer, Benelli armorer, Crimson Trace Lasergrips instructor, Community Law Enforcement Academy instructor, FAA flying armed registered, Federal Air Marshals FAM Rush training.

John is a presenter at the International Association of Law Enforcement Firearms Instructor (IALEFI) Conference as well as the International Law Enforcement Educators and Training Association (ILEETA) Conference.

Dave O'Connor

Dave has over twenty three years of law enforcement experience as both a municipal police officer and as a deputy sheriff. He has served in a patrol capacity, as a K-9 officer, as a ranch and marine patrolman, as an investigator, and most recently as a full-time law enforcement training officer – specializing in firearms training. Dave is a law enforcement vehicle operations instructor, simunitions instructor, OC chemical spray instructor, defensive tactics instructor, a certified armorer through most of the major firearms manufacturers, a TASER instructor, and is a certified firearms instructor through the Florida C.J.S.T.C.

David Lane

David Lane is an attorney specializing in law enforcement liability defense, a sworn Deputy Sheriff for the Seminole County Sheriff's Office, and a graduate of the law enforcement academy at Seminole Community College.  He is a FDLE certified general instructor, legal instructor and firearms instructor.  Mr. Lane is an adjunct instructor at the Criminal Justice Institute of Valencia Community College where he teaches both basic recruits and sworn law enforcement officers on a variety of legal and courtroom topics.  He is also a student of firearms and tactics. He has trained repeatedly with EAG Tactical, Viking Tactics, Vickers Tactical, CSAT, the Sheriff of Baghdad, and Bulldog Tactical.

Mr. Lane has instructed numerous federal, state, county, and municipal law enforcement officers on the legal constraints on the use of force during his career. He regularly instructs for law enforcement agencies all over Florida. He has taught thousands of individuals the requirements to obtain a concealed weapons permit and the laws required to be followed by all citizens in the use of force and lawful carrying of a firearm. His combination of courtroom and practical law enforcement experience gives him the knowledge and abilities to instruct on basic firearms and tactics and the law regarding the use of force.

Paul Schuck

Paul has over twenty-eight years of law enforcement experience, both as a municipal police officer and as a deputy sheriff. Some of his assignments have been as a patrolman, as a SWAT sniper and coordinating the service of high risk arrest warrants. He is a firearms instructor for law enforcement officers, is a coach for a competitive shooting team comprised of award winning youth marksmen, and is a firearms instructor for law enforcement academy students. Paul is a certified firearms instructor through the Florida C.J.S.T.C.

Jennifer Harris

Jennifer has over 22 years of combined law enforcement and military experience. As a career law enforcement officer Jennifer has served in various capacities, including patrol officer, detective, SRT member and Sergeant for a municipal police department. Jennifer has been responsible for firearms, and tactical training for various agencies, and has taught firearms use, instructor development and combat survival through the USAF for the Department of State. Jennifer also served in the United States Air Force Reserve in the capacity of an NCOIC during Operation Enduring Freedom while deployed overseas. Jennifer educates military members on U.S. and foreign military weaponry systems to include but not limited to small arms, AAA, MANPADS, SAMS, and various aircraft. Jennifer has also taught terrorism and anti-terrorism applications. Jennifer is a certified firearms instructor through the Florida C.J.S.T.C.

Adrian Youngblood

Adrian is a Lieutenant with the Seminole County Sheriff’s Office and started his career in law enforcement in 1995 with the Monroe County Sheriff’s Office, where he served until 2002. He has served as a Patrol Deputy, Field Training Deputy, Major Crimes Investigator, Road Patrol Sergeant, Major Crimes Sergeant, S.W.A.T. and Dive Team member.

Adrian became a State of Florida C.J.S.T.C. Certified Firearms Instructor in 2008 and assist as an adjunct instructor for the Sheriff’s Office Training Division.

Adrian also served eight years in the United States Coast Guard, serving in various capacities. While in the Coast Guard Adrian was assigned as a Boarding Officer for the Tactical Law Enforcement Team in South Florida, conducting counter narcotics operations, immigrant smuggling investigations and other federal law enforcement activities. Adrian was also deployed to the Middle East as a Boarding Officer after Operation Desert Storm to enforce sanctions on ships docking in Iraq and Iran.

Shane Love

Shane has over thirteen years of law enforcement experience as both a deputy sheriff and as a corrections officer. He has served as a patrol officer, as an investigator, as a ranch and marine patrolman, and is a primary firearms instructor for law enforcement officers. Shane is a certified armorer through Sig-Sauer and is a certified firearms instructor through the Florida C.J.S.T.C.

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