The Fundamentals of Shooting

Published July 27th, 2014

It seems that in the state of Florida more and more people have made the conscious decision to carry a concealed firearm. Of course when we watch TV, our favorite actor or actress always looks so cool carrying their firearm, using whatever method the studio told them to use. Bulldog Tactical Group will teach you the fundamentals regarding proper safety, shooting, and marksmanship with your weapon. And of course we all think to ourselves " I can be that cool too". Unfortunately reality sets in when you decide to strap a cold and uncomfortable piece of steel to your body and try to hide it from the eyes of the public all day in 95 degree weather. I gets moved, shifted, and sometimes removed and shoved somewhere out of the way defeating the whole purpose. This is where common sense and a little training prevail. First choose your carry method based on a few simple ideas:

  1. Comfort
  2. Ease of concealment
  3. Your ability to easily access you firearm
  4. Retention

Don't get to hung up on what everybody else says, what the current trend is, or what the cool blogs are saying. Lets face it their not going to carry your Desert Eagle for you. Find what works best for your daily environment, body type, and skill level. There are so many quality choices out there that you are sure to find something that is perfect for your carry needs.

So, now that you have found the perfect concealment holster for your S & W 500 that works for your daily needs. Next comes the fun part............. TRAIN, TRAIN, TRAIN. You have to remember that retrieving your firearm from your holster in an expeditious manner is just as, if not more important, than being able to point aim and fire. Nobody wants to look like Barney Fife desperately tugging on their gun trying to get it into action during that "aaaah shucks" moment. This stress can be eliminated from your life by simply adding a simple daily training regiment to your life.

Before starting any dry practice in your home I have to stress just how important it is for you to remember firearms safety. First, while pointing your firearm in a safe direction (finger off the trigger of course) down load and perform a visual and physical inspection and then do it a second time. If you are now familiar with the proper method of unloading and / or downloading your firearm refer to your owners manual. Once all ammunition has been removed from the firearm move to another room (your firearm and ammo should be in separate rooms for this training to be as safe as possible). For those of you rolling your eyes during this safety part remember it always seems like we hear about people accidentally shooting themselves with a gun they swore was unloaded. If you are interrupted during your training stop and go through all the before mentioned process before resuming your training.

Once you have made sure your firearm is clear and safe for training simply get dressed and place your firearm in your new favorite carry position. Now draw your firearm 20 times. Each time bring it up to a fully extended position so you may look down at those pretty new hi viz sights you just bought. Trying to draw as fast as you can is not going to be as important as developing a smooth and consistent draw stroke. It is important that you stay consistant in the area that you carry your firearm. This becomes critical when you are reacting in a stressful situation. Your firearm needs to be in the same place as you have practiced or your are going to have to defend yourself with your finger gun. On the good-bad scale defending yourself with the old finger gun leans towards the bad side.

This whole training regiment should take about 15 minutes a day and make you more prepaired to face the occasional dangers life throws at us.

Stay safe and train hard.

"When luck runs out training takes over".

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